European Broadband Awards 2022 and the BCO Annual Conference

European Broadband Awards 2022

Europe’s digital transformation by 2030 relies on providing all citizens with access to gigabit connectivity and 5G services, regardless of where they live in Europe.

In that respect, Europe’s digital decade began with the relaunch of the European Broadband Awards, in a well-attended successful ceremony that took place in Brussels and with the Broadband Competence Offices' first Annual physical Conference, after two years.

Kantor Management Consultants, in partnership with Schuman Associates, continues to support the European Commission with a team of experts, in order to contribute to the EU targets for a digital and cohesive Europe.

This year both events were organised by the Schuman-Kantor consortium.


The Awards unveiled the 6 winning projects that succeeded in five different categories of excellence and were awarded by the European Commission. The assessment jury was composed of five experts with comprehensive experience in broadband technologies.

All projects advanced in implementation, big or small, rural or urban, private or public, national or cross-border (covering all technologies) were welcome to apply for the awards.


BCO Network Annual Conference

In parallel, the closed event of the BCO Network Annual Conference took place.

The purpose of this initiative is similar: Member States want to make sure that everyone benefits equally from the opportunities connectivity brings and that broadband roll-out is an absolute priority in the upcoming years’ planning.

The event deepened the exchanges and the sharing of good practices among BCOs, presented and exchanged on new developments in European Commission broadband policy and funding, reviewed the insights from the 2022 BCO Network Survey, and collected BCOs’ feedback about their challenges and success stories, expectations and needs for support.


The BCO Support Facility project, an EU funded project, builds upon those goals and aims at setting up a European network of national and regional offices (BCOs) that would support the broadband roll-out in Europe, especially in the rural, remote, and underserved areas.