Corfu Mega Yachts Marina

Kantor Management Consultants successfully provided advisory services to Lamda Marinas Investments S.M.S.A., during the tender process for the Corfu Megayachts Marina (HRADF), which led to a winning tender proposal.


Corfu Megayachts Marina Investment


The Corfu port refurbishment and upgrade includes the development of a megayacht marina on the west side of the cruise terminal. The total investment to be paid to HRADF for a 40-year sub-concession period will exceed 89 million euros for Lamda to operate, manage, maintain, and develop the marina.


Lamda Development Project for Corfu Mega Yachts Marina


The Lamda development project entails the construction of a high-quality marina of 98 berths, with a capacity for boats from 30 to 140 meters in length, and land developments of an area of up to 7,800 m2, with shops, restaurants, hotels, and offices. The land zone also includes extensive green and pedestrian areas, sports facilities, and parking areas. The final master plan of the project will be completed during the design phase and will be adapted to market requirements.



Kantor's Actions as a Financial Advisor of Lamda Marinas Investments


Kantor’s engagement aimed at the support of Lamda Marinas Investments Management in Phase II of the tender process for the sub-concession of the marina. Acting as a financial advisor, Kantor developed an analytical financial and business model for OpEx and CapEx forecasting and evaluation, in order to document and justify the fees that Lamda is committed to paying to HRADF (One-time Concession Fee, Guaranteed Variable Annual Fee).


Simultaneously, following the completion of the financial model, Kantor prepared a business plan for the development and exploitation of the marina. This included a brief overview of the marina industry with an emphasis on the Ionian Sea, a presentation of the current situation of the marina and of the profile of the investor, the development plan of the marina with the services offered, as well as the results of the financial plan (Presentation of Assumptions, Analysis of Income, Analysis of Expenses, Financial Results).


In addition, Kantor liaised with the coordination between Lamda's legal and technical advisors, overviewing the Virtual Data Room material and contributing to the development of the final financial offer.


Lamda was the tender winner for Corfu Mega Yachts Marina.