Kantor supports EBRD in the development of a regional energy market post-trade framework

Today more than ever Europe’s energy-independency is an absolute priority, and the development of a joint regional energy market post-trade framework is a step towards this direction.


Kantor has been commissioned by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to support the regional integration of the organised energy markets in Southern and Eastern Europe.


This project will support the creation of connectivity among the local energy market post-trade infrastructures. These infrastructures will facilitate the energy transition by focusing on low-carbon energy trading.


It will review the feasibility of the establishment of a regional solution to connect the local post-trading infrastructures of the organized energy markets of the participating countries as well as the scope for effective implementation of such a solution.


The project covers all the aspects of the financial post-trading value chain including position management, clearing, risk management, collateral management, and settlement.


The analysis will

  • review and consolidate the various initiatives on energy trading in the region
  • prepare the concept of an optimal joint regional energy market post-trade framework
  • assess its feasibility and acceptance
  • prepare an implementation roadmap and
  • consolidate consensus among stakeholders on the roadmap