Water Kantor

Kantor has been commissioned by the Ministry of Environment and Energy to provide technical assistance for designing the responsibilities and functions of an Independent Water Services and Sewage Authority.



Independent Water Services and Sewage Authority Project's Goals


Among the project’s goals was to support the detailed formulation of the Authority, its role, and responsibilities, as well as the analysis regarding the proposed functions and their costs. Kantor also supported the development of the organisational structure of the Independent Authority.

The project has also provided assistance in the determination of the autonomy or integration of the new Independent Authority into an existing body, via a European benchmarking analysis.

Finally, Kantor supported the Ministry in drafting legislative provisions, which will define the establishment, the organisation, and the operation of the new Authority.



European Water Regulators


According to the European Water Regulators ( WAREG): 

“Water Services Regulatory Authorities across Europe, understand the key challenges in the drinking water and wastewater sectors and are the most suitable public instruments to stimulate efficient costs, effective investment, and innovation.”