The countries and societies face major challenges in the post economic crisis and the post COVID-19 era. The different regions, especially developing regions or regions in transition, as well as corporate clients operating in those regions have various needs regarding infrastructure, digital transformation, economic growth and social development. In this context:

  • We provide support to public administrations in order to help them formulate their development policies and assess their socio-economic impact.
  • We support international donors and beneficiaries in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating their development programs.
  • We assist public administrations in developing and expanding their institutional and organizational capacity.
  • We assist corporate clients in making most of Investment funds and funding programs on a national or European level.

Key clients

  • Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy
  • Major Development Agency Drama
  • Major Development Agency Thessaloniki
  • Region of Attica, Greece
  • Region of Central Macedonia, Greece
  • Region of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace, Greece
  • Region of Epirus, Greece
  • Region of Thessaly, Greece
  • Region of Western Greece
  • Region of Western Macedonia, Greece
  • Regional Growth Fund, Western Greece Region


Our Projects in Regional Development Sector