A deep understanding of key issues and challenges across multiple sectors enables us to provide strategic insight on global trends and developments and assist decision-makers in formulating their agenda and renewing their strategy to respond to changing conditions. First and foremost, our understanding means that we can ensure successful implementation of strategic change. This is complemented by our extensive exposure to, and knowledge of markets in transition economies, which allows us to provide effective support to policy makers and potential market entrants. 


  • We define and evaluate strategic options open to our clients and support the development of an overall strategy right down to the level of business planning and marketing.

  • We assist governments and public sector companies to develop and implement appropriate policies.

  • We develop customer-interfacing strategies for retailing and services and assess performance of networked-based organisations such as retailers, banks and airlines.

  • We identify the key organisational, communication and cultural aspects needed to support effective and sustainable strategy implementation.


Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Strategy review & diagnostics
  • Market analysis & evaluation
  • Strategy & policy development
  • Business planning



Our Projects in Strategy & Business Planning