Urban and regional development has become a major concern of the states and local governments, private enterprises as well as of diverse social, civic, and political institutions. Urban and rural planning policy is facing a broad range of challenges, not only the physical renewal and upgrade of infrastructure but also the creation of a philosophy on urban growth and economic development. Policy makers at all levels are about to deal with the effects of urbanization and the need to upgrade and protect rural areas.  In this context:

  • We provide services to governments and institutions by assessing the ecological, economic and social sustainability of urban and rural areas
  • We analyze the social, cultural and economic features of cities, illustrate the impacts on the urban experience and provide improvements
  • We communicate relevant programs and policies effectively to diverse stakeholders
  • We identify and analyze rural and urban development issues using multiple frameworks and qualitative or quantitative techniques

Key clients

  • Cyprus Development Bank
  • Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development
  • DirectorateGeneral for Communications Networks, Content and Technology
  • Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy
  • Eurobank
  • LAMDA Development S.A.
  • Ministry of Finance, Greece
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Greece
  • Ministry of Development and Investments, Greece
  • Municipality of Athens
  • OASA
  • Region of Attica, Greece
  • Region of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace, Greece
  • Schuman Associates
  • Worldbank


Our Projects in Urban & Rural Development