The purpose of the project is to provide consulting services in the context of the reorganization process of the operation of SITIA S.A.

1. Preparing NewCo's Business Plan, which will reflect the parties' assumptions and the terms of their agreement (investors have already submitted in excel format their key assumptions and estimates for the development of key figures, which will be evaluated by the Consultant);

2. Support the Cooperative in negotiating with investors where required;

3. Preparation of the 15-year Cooperative Business Plan, which will illustrate and specify the Restructuring Plan, as well as the preparation of a Liquidation Plan (forced liquidation) for the submission of a Proposal under Article 106B;

4. Analysis of the Cooperative's overdue trade and other receivables (balances per customer/debtors, time delays), description of the current situation (indicative: debtors' consultations, legal actions taken, etc.) and, finally, assessment of recoverability in collaboration with Piraeus Bank Services and Cooperative Management;



Piraeus Bank

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