The overall objective of this contract is to contribute to the alignment of police enforcement, monitoring and harmonisation of national legislation with the EU Energy acquis.

The specific purpose of this project refers to regulatory policies, mechanisms and operational practices implemented in compliance with the best regulatory practice and applicable provisions of the Energy Community law comprising 3rd Package of EU Internal Energy Market legislation, Infrastructure Package and applicable Network Codes.  The project is organized in five components:

    1. Approximation of AERS tasks to the new EU energy acquis

    2. Developing regulatory mechanisms supporting network investments

    3. Developing regulatory monitoring mechanisms

    4. Training

    5. Developing tender documentation for AERS information system

The results that have to be achieved are the following:

  • Regulatory instruments required for discharging NRA tasks as per the applicable EU acquis developed.
  • Regulatory mechanisms supporting investment in electricity and natural gas networks developed.
  • Market monitoring and enforcement function of AERS (energy agency of the republic of Serbia) upgraded.
  • Staff for discharging of new regulatory tasks trained.
  • Inputs for programming development of the integrated information system of AERS in line with rules applicable for IPA II service projects prepared.
  • Contribution to the security of supply, more competitive energy market and sustainable energy development
  • Contribution to the alignment of policy enforcement, monitoring and harmonization of national legislation with the EU Energy acquis.

The Government of the Republic of Serbia, represented by the Ministry of Finance, Department for Contracting and Financing of EU Funded Programmes (CFCU)

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