Financial advisory services in relation to the valuation of the tourist port of Athens Marina

  • Description of the tourist port and marina of Athens from a financial and business perspective
  • Comparison with Attica’s marinas
  • Collection and review of relevant information / data, such as current asset’s financial statements, technical studies, technical and operational data as well as regulatory framework
  • Development of financial models, incorporating specific assumptions and forecasts and run sensitivity analysis on a set of properly selected critical parameters
  • Perform valuation, based on  internationally accepted methodologies
  • Elaboration of valuation reports, description of the valuation methodologies applied, including relevant inputs and calculations
  • Estimate the value of the concession of the Marina of Athens for the specified period under each different scenario
  • Identification of a new reasonable annual concession fee



Athens Marina S.A. / J&P AVAX S.A.

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