Within the framework of its medium term strategic planning, Hellenic American Union has formulated a 5 year business plan, which has been presented to its creditors (Financial Institutions - among other parties). The scope of the project was to test and support the assumptions on which Hellenic American Union’s business plan (consolidated with Hellenic American College) has been based, so that the outcome of the business plan is validated, as well as, to suggest additional actions in the direction of improving Hellenic American Union’s business effectiveness and liquidity.

  • Mapping  and description of current key activities
  • Market analysis
  • Cost breakdown per activity
  • Analysis of activities in terms of profitability & market risks based on available data
  • Evaluation of Business Plan assumptions
  • Proposal of additional management actions
  • Organisation of workshop for evaluation of analysis results and assistance to the management team in prioritizing findings and proposals
  • Definition and adoption of a new medium term business plan




Start Year
End Year