The aim of this project is the survey of “Competitiveness Research” of Greek companies up to 2013.
The Greek economy had always a lack of competitiveness in comparison with OECD countries. The unprecedented economic crisis of recent years evoked additional pressure on Greek businesses. This development has resulted in a significant increase in credit risk for the banks which was provoked by the rising of NPLs and the risk of loan capital loss of businesses that are in dire financial position. The Greek banks should target the available resources primarily to those enterprises which have the potential to be internationally competitive. In this project, using specific competitiveness drivers we try to evaluate the international Greek firms in two dimensions - Competitiveness and Resilience- and finally rank them by their ratings on a scale from A to C. That analysis gives a clear picture of the development of the Competitiveness of Greek enterprises in total and by sector.

The process of evaluation of Greek companies was held in three stages:
• Calculation of the two basic indexes mentioned above (Competitiveness and Resilience)
• Benchmarking with respective companies / branches in other countries
• Statistical grouping of Greek companies according to their competitiveness / resilience.
The result of the analysis is the identification of competitiveness / resilience of each company and moreover of the group that they belong to, creating the clusters below:
• Competitiveness (A - Competitive, B - Potential Competitive, C - Non-Competitive)
• Resistance (A - High, B - Medium, C - Low)




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