The project’s objective is to provide Technical Assistance to the Managing Authority of the operational program “Digital Convergence for the management, monitoring and audit of digital convergence actions in the frame of NSRF”. The Operational Program (OP) has a total budget of 1 billion € and serves the following priorities:
• Promotion of e- government;
• Improvement of productivity of the Public Sector through the use of ICT;
• Strengthening the ICT sector of the economy;
• Promotion of the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by enterprises;
• Promotion of entrepreneurship in sectors that make use of ICT;
• Improvement of daily life through the use of ICT.
Kantor provided specialized support services to the MA of OP for Digital Convergence, which covered the entire spectrum of its activities:
• Establishment and operation of a project support secretariat, for Operational Programme Implementation;
• Support to the MA for the planning, monitoring and evaluation activities of the OP;
• Support to the MA for the prioritization and selection of eligible projects for funding
• Support to the MA for the implementations monitoring
• Support to the MA for on-the-spot inspections and project audits
• Support to the MA in the audits of the intermediate managing units;
• Development of an information system for monitoring of co-funded projects



 Managing Authority of the Digital Convergence Program 2007-2013

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