Supported the client in effectively designing and implementing a revised disciplinary process, in order to conform with the new legislation, however ensuring objectivity of the process by adding appropriate safeguards and by clarifying provisions of the new law.
KANTOR has undertaken to support the management of EYDAP in the implementation of Law 4093/2012, in relation to Disciplinary Provisions, specifically:

  • Determining required changes to the existing internal framework in order to conform with the provisions of the new law (4093/2012) while ensuring that the process is objective to the greatest extent possible,
  • Communicating and managing these changes and the new law provisions and conditions in an effective manner
  • Review and assessment of existing disciplinary processes
  • Review and assessment of changes in disciplinary processes due to new legislation
  • Provision of recommendations for effective redesign of disciplinary processes in order to  conform with the new legislation
  • Provision of support for implementing recommendations in relation to disciplinary processes redesign
  • Provision of support for communicating the new disciplinary processes




Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP)

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