The URBACT Program is one of the European territorial cooperation programs, a network program addressing specifically at the integrated urban development of cities in Europe. In this program can participate all the 28 Member-States cities, and in addition the cities of Norway and Switzerland.
The responsible Ministries of Greece and Cyprus for the URBACT program and the sustainable urban development policies, the Ministry of Economy and Development and the Ministry of Internal Affairs respectively, decided to have one National URBACT Point for Greece - Cyprus common for both countries. NUP for Greece and Cyprus is the Special Service for Strategy, Planning & Evaluation of the Hellenic Ministry of Economy and Development.
The "Kantor Management Consultants SA" company as a consultant has a daily project team consisting of two (2) partners on the spot at the headquarters of the contracting authority, who have the following obligations:
The first of the two colleagues is in charge for  specializing the requirements of the invitations issued by the Managing Authority of the URBACT in Greek data, planning and reporting the problems created by the invitations issued and needs that are not covered, the NUP support in informing stakeholders, their preparation, to optimize the dissemination of the results of the URBACT Program (Network results, capitalization of results, etc.), drafting of articles on the program and the strengthening of dialogue between local (municipal), regional and national authorities on the issues of sustainable integrated urban development.
The second of the colleagues is in charge for supporting the National URBACT Point regarding all organizational and administrative matters and, in particular, organization of seminars / workshops / events for the cooperation between the three political and administrative levels in integrated sustainable urban issues development, for enrichment of the official internet pages and social networking, as well as the administration support of the National Contact Point for URBACT Greece - Cyprus.
The "Kantor Management Consultants SA" during project implementation is being in close collaboration with the EYSSA/EAS Ministry of Economy and Development, which is the National URBACT Point for Greece and Cyprus.


Ministry of Economy, Development, General Secretariat for Public Investments and PA, National Coordination Authority, Special Service for Strategy, Planning & Evaluation

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