The Project’s objective was to elevate the capacity of the power sector and its institutions to better communicate with the greater public and between the sector stakeholders, as well as potential investors, through targeted actions that address effectively the problems and barriers that inhibit a more effective communication. Dimensions such as improvement of data availability and sufficiency, information transparency, customer satisfaction, service quality, and social accountability were examined and recommendations for improvement were proposed.


Services Provided:

  • Analysis of the electricity sector;
  • Analysis of operational and financial indicators throughout the electricity value chain in the electricity sector;
  • Analysis of the mandates, rules, regulations and obligations of all electricity stakeholders towards a Regulatory Authority;
  • Gap analysis and benchmarking with EU and global best practices;
  • Development of a Citizen Report Cards system for the evaluation and monitoring of the service level in the electricity sector;
  • Development of procedures and processes to elevate the level of information transparency in the sector.

World Bank / Egypt Energy Regulatory Authority

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