Financial advisory services in relation to the concession of the right to use, operate, manage and commercially exploit the tourists ports of Argostoli, Zakyntho & Itea

Services Provided:

  1. Collected necessary information and data
  2. Mapped and reviewed external factors that could potentially influence future assets development
  3. Developed analytical model for financial forecasting and valuation
  4. Recommendation of Transaction Structure
  5. Identification of potential Investors (Premarketing)
  6. Drafting of tender documents and support in the evaluation of participants
  7. Support in the Tender process
  8. Support HRADF in the process of providing comments and replies to questions and other clarifications requested by interested parties (Q&A process)
  9. Review of submitted EoIs and assessment of Investors financial eligibility
  10. In collaboration with other HRADF-appointed advisors (Legal and Technical) Advisor prepare and issue the Request for Proposal (RfP) and Concession Agreement (CA)
  11. Virtual Data Room (VDR) management
  12. Support in the assessment of Investors’ Binding Offers



Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund

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