The purpose of this project is to support the Special Administrator of the Public Radio and Television channels, aiming in the immediate formulation and operation of the intermediate Entity of Public Radio and Television, as well as in the creation and transition to the new Entity. The project also focusses on the design and implementation of the personnel selection process for the new body.

The scope of the project includes 2 discrete sections:

Section A: Design of the selection and evaluation process for selecting the personnel of the new Entity. Specifically Section A includes:

  • The design of the process, the criteria and the evaluation/selection methodology for the recruitment of the intermediate Entity
  • The design and development of the system, based on which, the above process will be implemented

Section B: Provide support on the implementation of the personnel evaluation and selection process for the staffing of the new Entity. Specifically Section B includes:

  • The evaluation and prioritization of all submitted applications for the staffing of the intermediate Entity
  • Preparing the final list with all the proposed candidates for the staffing of the intermediate Entity

Ministry of Finance, Special Administrator of Public Television & Radio

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