Edison was willing to identify and evaluate gas business opportunities for a new entrant in the Greek and Bulgarian gas market whose supply sources will be based mostly on LNG. The study provided Edison knowledge on three main areas of interest with the geographical focus on Greece and Bulgaria.

1. Market intelligence

  • Analysis in terms of volumes and drivers of the three main gas market segments (residential, industrial and power generation) with focus on the scope for electricity/heating potential expansion;
  • Current and expected countries’ gas supply portfolio, taking into account current and projected new infrastructures (southern corridor, IGB, new LNG);
  • Expected demand/supply balance;
  • Gas value chain assessment (in terms of operators, relative market share).
  • Regulatory framework
  • Overview of the ongoing liberalization process: main issues of current and expected regulatory set;
  • Access to gas market;
  • Gas tariff for transportation, storage, regasification at current levels and expected evolution after commercial operation of new infrastructures (ex. Revithoussa expansion, IGB);
  • Gas balancing rules and access;
  • Assessment of possible congestions on the Greek/Bulgarian gas grid.

2. Price references

  • End user prices by segment and associated drivers;
  • End user typical pattern of consumption (consumption profile) by segment;
  • Cost segmentation by segment (commodity, cost of infrastructures, taxes);
  • Supply cost benchmark at borders per country.


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