Consulting services in organization, processes and human resources. Kantor carried out work related to reorganization of Q&R, redesign of project management processes, design of new HR evaluation, training and recruitment processes, as well as design of a new remuneration policy.

Services provided:

  • Review and assessment of the existing basic corporate functions and procedures, the existing organizational structure and working positions
  • Performance of  a work climate survey through the use of appropriately formatted questionnaires and the conduct of interviews
  • Identification of the strategic vision, mission and corporate values
  • Evaluation of the current remuneration policy, proposal to rationalize the current salaries and setting of methodology for the development of a new remuneration policy
  • Redesign of the organizational structure and description of the corporate functions of each organizational unit
  • Determination of new career paths and operational roles for the Technical Unit
  • Setting of methodology for assessing the value of operational roles and matching them in layers of hierarchy
  • Design and description of new processes for project management, performance evaluation and education/learning, with a display of the way in which the organizational units get involved in each case
  • Design of performance evaluation form and educational processes evaluation form
  • Determination of specific skills and goals per hierarchical level within the performance evaluation process



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