The project is designed to focus on the following pillars:

  • Present an overview of the Greek gas market including characteristics and challenges of its structure, projections, market figures, etc.
  • Review DEPA’s overall business environment following the recent and/or undergoing changes in the Greek Gas market (i.e. unbundling of Supply and Distribution activities, gas release, other currently open market and competition issues, etc.)
  • Provide an overview and assessment of DEPA’s status, from a business and operational perspective including, structure, asset base, financial position, market position, governance structure, investment plans, operational challenges, business opportunities, etc.
  • Review any relevant available data, including, inter alia, all existing historical financial, strategic and operational work done to date relating to DEPA, as well as any information memoranda, studies, reports, business plans, etc.;
  • Assessment of DEPA’s strategic challenges following the unbundling, including strategic considerations with view to DEPA’s shareholding in the newly formed Gas Supply and Distribution Companies, technical support and strategic advice with respect to the current status and pending actions related to the implementation of the undergoing market changes, impact assessment on DEPA’s business case and privatization process, business development opportunities that optimize DEPA’s value proposition, etc.
  • Recommend different transaction structures by analyzing different alternatives and suggesting the preferred one to the Fund
  • Develop a detailed roadmap and timeline and propose a strategic approach that addresses key transaction considerations
  • Explore, identify and evaluate potential investor interest and coordinate communications and discussions with potential investors



Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund

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