LAGIE has assumed leading role in the development of Hellenic Energy Exchange. The development of Hellenic Energy Exchange is being promoted rapidly after the completion of public consultations on the amendments of GR Law 4001/2011 and GR Law 4425/2016. The new entities: Energy Exchange and Energy Clear are expected to be established in the first quarter of 2018 while in the last quarter of the same year the current market is expected to be transferred to the new EU Target Model.
The Hellenic Energy Exchange will be established with the participation of LAGIE, Athex Group, ADMIE, etc.


KANTOR’s role is to support effectively LAGIE  on the following  actions:

  1. a) Budget for: LAGIE 2018 – ENERGY GROUP 2018 – ENERGY GROUP and TARGET MODEL 2019   b) Budget Plan for ENERGY GROUP 2018
  2. Development of a detailed Business Plan (Operational Model) of Energy Exchange for the Transition Period B
  3. Master Plan development and LAGIE support on a daily basis during Transition Period A






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