Greek Government in cooperation with EIB is allocating 450 mil euro in the Infrastructure Fund, which has the objective to provide funding for Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Urban investments in Greece such as : interventions aiming to increase the energy efficiency of public or private venues (e.g. non-residential buildings, street lighting, factories, hospitals, tourism sector); establishment of renewable energy facilities, incl. wind farms, photovoltaic installations, biomass, hydroelectric and hybrid systems aiming, inter alia, to increase the energy independence of isolated areas; urban infrastructure contributing to the socio-economic development of an urban area, indicatively: Waste/water infrastructure; Infrastructure with a significant impact on the socio-economic development of urban and islandic areas (e.g. industrial parks, touristic infrastructure, brownfield re-development for commercial, entrepreneurial, educational and cultural use); Exploitation of public assets’ stock in the above context.

Eurobank and Alpha Bank are two out of the 4 Financial Institutions selected to participate for the allocation of the funding in Greece with the support of Kantor in the following areas: Formulation of investment strategy and Financial product development; development of marketing strategy and awareness raising activities regarding the initiative; project pipeline development/portfolio definition and management; development of selection methodology for final recipients; design of the governance of the fund; support for the implementation of the fund; risk management; monitoring and reporting.


Eurobank, Alpha Bank, (EIB)

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