The project aims to support the SSW (Special Secretariat for Water) of the Ministry of Environment and Energy in the implementation of JMD 135275/Β/2017 concerning the formulation of general costing and pricing rules of water services for various uses, as well as rules and measures to improve these services. This framework envisages a Basic Monitoring System ( BMS) – an information system/data base, which underpins the monitoring mechanism for regular collection of information related to the performance of water service providers.
The main tasks of the project are the following:

1. Assessment and improvement of the Basic Monitoring System for water services on the following   areas:

  • Data availability
  • Adequacy and appropriateness of required information and related performance indicators
  • Assessment of the existing structure of the water sector in Greece (composition, number and capacity of water service providers to respond)
  • Information regarding the targets that Special Secretariat for Water attains to achieve through monitoring

2. Development of an Advanced Monitoring System and Performance Evaluation of the 2 Concessionaires, the Athens and Thessaloniki Water Supply and Sewage Companies, EYDAP S.A. and EYATH S.A. More specifically:

  • Evaluation of the existing Business Plans and the Concession Agreements of the two Concessionaires (EYDAP S.A. and EYATH S.A.)
  • Development of performance indicators to assess the extent to which the two Concessionaires fulfil their strategic objectives (quantitative and qualitative adequacy indicators, water service cost indicators, operational indicators, capacity indicators, etc)
  • Analysis of the international standards of the International Water Association (IWA) and OECD guidelines
  • Coupling of the AMC with the BMS for the development of the Integrated Monitoring Tool (IMT)

3. Training on the operation of the Monitoring System. The objective of this task is capacity building on the effective operation of the Monitoring System for water service providers’ performance. Seminars and Workshops were conducted to the following entities:

  • Staff members of the Special Secretariat for Water
  • Staff members of the Water Departments of Decentralized Administrations
  • Two Concessionaires (EYDAP S.A. and EYATH S.A.)

EC – Structural Reform Support Service (SRSS)

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