Under this project, Kantor, together with Booz & Co are providing support to DG-Energy and to the Regional Gas Working Groups (Baltic, North-South Interconnection East, North-South Interconnection West) in the evaluation process of natural gas infrastructure projects proposed to receive the “Projects of Common Interest” (PCI) status, on the basis of the Draft Regulation COM(2011) 658. The proposed projects cover all types of gas infrastructure, cross-border pipelines, internal transmission systems, LNG and CNG terminals, storages. The geographic scope of the assignment includes all the EU Member States.
The activities of the project include:

  • Elaboration of high level gas demand and supply forecasts up to 2030, using the ENTSOg, DG-Energy and IEA available data;
  • Run of a gas flow model, simulating the gas flows in the EU system and optimizing them based on supply contracts and border prices;
  • Development of scoring formulas to quantify the indicators and criteria described in the draft regulation (related to market integration and price convergence, competition, security of supply and sustainability);
  • Review of submitted project questionnaires;
  • Evaluation of the proposed projects by applying a multi-criteria decision analysis method and the scoring formulas developed. A total of over 140 gas infrastructure projects, from all EU countries were evaluated.

Services Provided:

  • Participation in the elaboration of high level gas demand and supply forecasts up to 2030;
  • Development of scoring formulas for the project evaluation;
  • Provision of advice on eligibility of proposed projects against the general criteria of the draft PCI regulation;
  • Evaluation of over 140 proposed gas infrastructure projects.


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