The project scope was support for the Eurobank-TT-Proton Merger, a landmark transaction that combined three banks into one leading Greek bank. Kantor provided support to the management and delivery of the successful integration of the three banks through its participation in the Integration Management Office (IMO) as the Project Management Office (PMO).
The merger integration of the banks was delivered in three phases:

  • Preparation phase – mobilisation of the Integration programme and performance of initial high-level scoping and production of high level planning
  • Detailed planning phase – performance of detailed analysis of the identified initiatives and production of a detailed implementation plan for the Operational mergers of the banks
  • Implementation phase – delivery of the projects for the respective banks with respect to the corresponding planned three Operational Merger dates (Proton, TT, T-Bank).

The integration areas are the following:

  • Retail: Network, Small Business Banking, Household Lending Business, Direct Banking, Business Services PS (Collections)
  • Risk Management: Credit/ Credit control/ Operational risk/ Group market & counterparty risk, International credit, NPLs, Eurobank Property Services
  • Capital Markets & Wealth management: Treasury, Global Markets trading, Institutional transaction services, Private banking, Eurobank equites/ Eurobank Asset
  • HR: Strategic planning & organization, HR Services, HR Line management, Labour relations
  • Corporate & investment: Corporate banking/ Global clients & debt capital markets/ Corporate transaction banking, Investment Banking, Corporate risk, Eurobank Properties/ Eurobank Leasing/ Eurobank actors
  • Finance & control: Group Integration, policy & special projects, Control & corporate governance/ Business information & reporting, accounting & tax/ Accounting policy & subsidiary support, Financial shared services
  • Operations & IT: IT/ Organosis, Procurement, E-business, Printing Factory, Real Estate & Infrastructure, Operations Transaction Banking/ Centralized Services, Treasury Operation Services, International activities, Client relationships, Corporate security/ Quality security/ Quality & Environment
  • Other Group functions: Communication, Compliance, Audit, Legal

More specifically, the scope of Kantor’s work covered the following:

  • Support for the definition of the programme structure and project management methodology to be followed during the integration programme including deliverable templates, roles, programme management processes etc.
  • Support for the IMO to coordinate, monitor and track the delivery of the Integration programme
  • Support for the integration teams for the planning of the integration projects and consolidation of the overall planning
  • Support to the integration team on the usage of templates and processes
  • Preparation of the IMO status reports to Integration Leaders
  • Preparation of the Integration Committee presentation
  • Maintenance of programme risks and issue log
  • Responsible for the coordination and monitoring of the integration program’s progress in order to achieve on-time & on-budget delivery
  • Provide visibility on integration progress to the Integration Leaders and Steering Committee
  • Validate the Integration Area and Enabling Teams’ actions and plans
  • Monitor and report on Integration budget
  • Identify and facilitate conflicts resolution across integration & enabling areas
  • Identify major issues and risks and escalate, as necessary
  • Develop recommendations in cooperation with each Area’s Sponsor/ Top Line Management and inform the Integration Leaders and the Steering Committee regarding key strategic integration issues
  • Implement processes, tools and templates to manage the program in a consistent way

Services provided:

  • Business planning
  • Project management
  • System integration services (Integration Management Office)
  • Reporting

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