The project provided the Contact Point to support the ‘European Network for Rural Development’ (ENRD). Services provided supported DG Agriculture and Rural Development (RD) to promote networking between member state National Rural Networks (NRNs), Managing Authorities (MAs) and organizations active in the field of rural development. The ENRD aimed at improving the performance of Rural Development Programs (RDPs) at national and regional level in all 28 member states. The sixth annual contract (annual renewals since 07/2008) focused on (I) supporting preparations for the implementation of the 2014-2020 EU Rural development policy, and (II) capitalization of the work of the ENRD conducted over the six years from October 2008. Main activities have included:

  • Support to the ENRD Coordination Committees/DG AGRI with analytical, administrative & technical services
  • Support for ENRD EU wide Communications Strategy implementation 
  • Support for National Rural Networks (NRNs) in all member states

Services Provided:

  • Support to DG AGRI/ENRD in Rural Development policy analysis, screening, thematic initiatives and related analytical tasks;
  • Collection, analysis and dissemination of knowledge and information on EU rural development program implementation (current and future programming periods) and relevant experience examples;
  • Organization of EU level Coordination Committee and Leader Sub-Committee meetings and seminars; 
  • Analytical support to Thematic Working Groups, Leader Focus Groups and other thematic initiatives at EU level;
  • Development of expert networks to facilitate exchange of expertise and support  implementation and evaluation of rural development policies and programs; 
  • Supporting the development of National Rural Networks, Local Action Groups (LAGs) and Transnational Cooperation initiatives within and between member states;
  • Development of innovative communication and knowledge sharing tools to improve rural development practitioners (incl. Local action groups), strategic planning, programming and project implementation;
  • Collection, collation and dissemination of new Cooperation Project opportunities, initiated by LAGs in both new and old member states to promote new Transnational Cooperation Projects.

In its 6 years of operation the CP: created the ENRD website ( with over 2000 pages, available in 6 languages (EN, FR, DE, ES, IT, PL) and a light language versions (EL, RO, PT, BG, CS, NL, FI, HU); produced over 80 publications (18 issues EU Rural Review, 8 issues ENRD Magazine, 41 issues Rur@l Newsflash, 11 EAFRD project brochures; 6 thematic publications); established and animated 4 thematic working groups and 6 focus groups and 3 thematic initiatives; 641 rural development projects (good practices) featured in the RDP project database; developed 6 ‘Gateways’ - mini portals on specific thematic areas within the ENRD website; supported and animated 25 EC high level meetings, 24 conferences and events; organized 21 NRN meetings.



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