The specific study aims to optimize and implement the methodology for estimating the cost of gas supply interruption, which was developed by the bidder on behalf of ACER especially in Greek power generation. The main objective of this project is to provide HAIPP with an appropriate tool to be able to assess the cost of gas outages as part of the overall cost of the Solidarity Mechanism under Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2017/1938.

Provision of Services:

  1. Evaluation of the current situation
  2. Redefining the methodological approach
  3. Designing and developing a special questionnaire and conducting interviews with each member of HAIPP
  4. Processing and evaluation of interview answers and redefining the methodological approach
  5. Consultation process with all members of HAIPP
  6. Definition of methodology and results and development of a report in support of HAIPP negotiations with RAE

Results Achieved:

  • Model of calculation of the cost of natural gas supply interruption in the field of power generation in Greece (ACER model modified based on the original directions of HAIPP)
  • Questionnaire for the support of communication with all members of HAIPP
  • Conducting interviews with all members of HAIPP
  • Modified model according to the results of the questionnaires and interviews and recalculation of the initial estimates
  • Text formatting for consultation with HAIPP
  • Report on the results of the negotiations between HAIPP and RAE



Hellenic Association of Independent Power Producers (HAIPP)


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