The main objective of this project is the investigation and the determination of the evaluation criteria:

  1. on the capacity to develop alternative fuel infrastructures, for the supply of the various means of transport;
  2. for the adequate supply of alternative fuel infrastructures;
  3. for the political, institutional, technical and economic measures that should be taken for the implementation or the possible redefinition of the country's goals, as recorded in the National Policy Framework.

For the above analysis, the data, the specifications and the technical limitations of the existing transmission and distribution networks of the electrical system as well as of other alternative fuels, will be taken into account.
Forecast models regarding the state of the networks for the next decade will be presented and the most realistic model and the best practice of action will be sought (action plan) to meet the deadlines and objectives recorded in the National Policy Framework and Law 4439/2016.


Kantor provides the following services:

  • Support the implementation and monitoring of the National Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Policy Framework;
  • Recording and evaluation of the various technologies and infrastructures for alternative fuel vehicles and floating means;
  • Assessment of the feasibility and adequacy of alternative fuel infrastructure;
  • Formulation of proposals for the improvement of the national planning and legislative framework for Alternative Fuels Infrastructure.



Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

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