The basic aim of the project is to provide a working tool that will assist the interested parties to assess the Cost of Disruption of Gas Supplies (CoDG) in the EU and, consequently, to help them develop/update policies related to the security of energy supply in the Union Member States and overall.
More specifically we:
• create a comprehensive stock of knowledge with all related methodologies, tools and studies that have been developed in the last 20 years
• assess the degrees of completeness and granularity that the existing methodologies and tools can provide, in terms of coverage of EU Member States, sectors of demand and other dimensions
• define the enhanced granularity levels that the new methodology and tool should cover
• assess the availability, homogeneity and accessibility of data that need to be collected in order to feed the methodology and tool
• finalise and roll-out the methodology and tool – the tool that will be developed will be in the form of a software model, for which a user manual will be provided and
• apply the recommended methodology and tool on the valuation of the CoDG on the defined degree of granularity, by feeding with the required data gathered from publicly available sources and supported by interviews and surveys wherever needed.




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