The project aims to structure an attractive transaction that could attract serious international interest, while maximizing the overall value generated for the HRADF and the Hellenic Republic from three classes of assets, TRAINOSE, Rosco and the current Rolling Stock. In addition, it targets towards helping in the execution of a trouble-free transaction that abides to local & EC regulatory and legal constraints.

In order to achieve that, a plan of four stages is implemented:
1. Diagnostics, strategic review and financials models
2. National Rail Policy Paper
3. Transaction Recommendation
4. Transaction Preparation


Kantor acted as a financial advisor to HRADF preparing the business and financial modeling of Trainose and Rosco. After having reviewed all the available data, it developed and evaluated the alternative scenarios in order to complete the final valuation with the view of maximizing value to stakeholders (TRAINOSE, Rosco, Hellenic Republic).


Hellenic Republic Assets Development Fund (HRADF)

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