The objective of the project was to support E.ON New Build & Technology GmbH and their international partners, EGL and Statoil, on behalf of TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipeline), in formulating a Local Content Development Strategy, as a part of the TAP’s construction and operation process. Kantor participated in all tasks. In more detail, Kantor’s role included the identification and evaluation of companies in Greece, Albania and Italy that could potentially meet TAPs demand either in the form of products or services. The evaluation was followed by a Local Enterprise Capability Enhancement Plan so that local sourcing opportunities are maximized. 
More specifically, the project included the following tasks:

  • Review of local compliance schemes and processes in relation to procurement;
  • Demand and Supply side Analysis: 

Demand-side Analysis:

  1. Revision of TAPs required materials, goods and services and their respective technical requirements and standards;
  2. Definition of key financial capacity criteria to be met by potential suppliers;
  3. Assessment of TAPs required materials, goods and services in terms of financial risk, supply shortage risk and safety/ environmental risk;

Supply-side Analysis:

  1. Potential suppliers’ financial and technical capabilities assessments versus TAPs requirements;
  2. Identification of the main constrains that might prevent suppliers from meeting technical and financial requirements;
  3. Development of a potential suppliers risk matrix based on their potential in meeting TAPs requirements;
  4. Development of a supplier/ vendor database. 
  • Local Enterprise Capability Enhancement Plan: Supplier Development Program Design

The project supported E.ON in the development of a successful Supplier Development Program in a form of a progressive identification and subsequent integration of local suppliers (including SMEs) and local content opportunities in the supply chain of the pipeline construction project. In this way, TAP and its partners fulfil their commitment to the internationally recognized health, safety and environmental standards.



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