Financial advisory services in relation to the concession of the right to use, operate, manage and commercially exploit the tourists ports of Chios and Kalamaria (Aretsou)

  • Collected necessary information and data
  • Mapped and reviewed external factors that could potentially influence future assets development
  • Developed analytical model for financial forecasting and valuation
  • Recommendation of Transaction Structure
  • Identification of potential Investors (Premarketing)
  • Drafting of tender documents and support in the evaluation of participants
  • Support in the Tender process
  • Support HRADF in the process of providing comments and replies to questions and other clarifications requested by interested parties (Q&A process)
  • Review of submitted EoIs and assessment of Investors financial eligibility
  • In collaboration with other HRADF-appointed advisors (Legal and Technical) Advisor prepare and issue the Request for Proposal (RfP) and Concession Agreement (CA)
  • Virtual Data Room (VDR) management
  • Support in the assessment of Investors’ Binding Offers




Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund

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