Assistance Mechanism for the Atlantic Action Plan

Kantor Management Consultants Greece is part of the consortium operating the “Assistance Mechanism for the Atlantic Action Plan", which is led by PricewaterhouseCoopers. In 2011 the EC adopted an Atlantic Maritime Strategy, targeting a more ambitious, open and effective cooperation in the Atlantic Ocean Area.

The EU’s 2013-2020 Atlantic Action Plan set out practical steps to be taken in Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain and their outermost regions, in order to boost the Atlantic Ocean Area’s sustainable blue economy.

The revised Atlantic Action Plan 2.0 (July 2020) aims to unlock the potential of blue economy in the Atlantic area, while preserving marine ecosystems and contributing to climate change adaptation and mitigation. The AAP 2.0 is governed and implemented by the Atlantic Strategy Committee (ASC) and the Atlantic Assistance Mechanism supports the ASC in its tasks; it provides a series of services aimed at keeping stakeholders informed of the latest news on the action plan and new funding opportunities generated under the scope of the maritime strategy. It also encourages stakeholder’s participation through the organization of specialized events, monitors the funded projects that contribute to the strategy and its action plan (datahub), promotes the development of new projects and ideas and acts as a smart interface between (potential) beneficiaries of maritime funds, managing authorities, the ASC and the EC.

KANTOR has been implementing the Assistance Mechanism of the Atlantic Action Plan since 2014 as a member of the relevant consortium and brings its experience in the context of this fourth generation assistance mechanism, aiming to assist in the implementation and awareness raising of the AAP v2.0.