Development of specialized models/tools in order to increase the number of connections of major Greek gas distribution company

Kantor has successfully offered services to a major Greek gas distribution company in order to map potential customers for the upcoming years and developed specialized tools and models in order to increase company’s connections.

The object of the project was defined as the provision of services to increase the number of connections of industrial and commercial customers of a major Greek gas distribution company, as a result of the planned development of networks during the period 2020-2024.

Using innovative geospatial analysis tools, the team has successfully mapped potential industrial and commercial clients across different Greek regions and calculated their probability and attractiveness to connect to the national gas system.

During the project, the team has developed a cost-benefit analysis model to calculate the potential benefits of the gas distribution company and the targeted customers and tested the model using real quantitative data. Kantor has supported the implementation of the tool by the company’s sales team and supported the sales team by developing appropriate communication material and by providing ad-hoc assistance at the approach of potential customers.

Services Provided:

  • Mapping of potential customers
  • Development of cost-benefit analysis models / tools
  • Collection of quantitative data, elaboration of cost-benefit analysis, processing of results and preparation of targeted and substantiated proposals for each category of identified customers
  • Development of appropriate communication material and approach to potential customers
  • Customer approach support, effectiveness evaluation and corrective actions