The purpose of the Project  was to actively support the adaptation of human resources to the needs of design and implementation of modern networking models that promote the competitiveness and extroversion of companies in the supply chain. This adaptation to the needs of a network of companies in the supply chain sector is a critical precondition for its successful establishment.

The Support aimed at the following:

  • Awareness of companies about the effects of networking formations on human resource management, in the execution of selected key their business operations together with other network companies
  • Providing guidelines for adapting human resources to the requirements of business networks
  • Supporting the selected companies in the first steps of implementing the cooperation formations. Formations of cooperation must meet at least the specialized needs of the companies participating in the project activities. Also, to have specific goals that focus on the development of extroversion, the development of economies of scale, the joint use of business resources, the joint use of fixed assets and / or equipment and / or points of presence, etc.

Services Provided within the context of the following phases:


Phase A: Selection of Companies that will participate in the program

Phase B: Application Study

Phase C: Implementation of Selected Actions

Phase D: Technical Support



SEV - Hellenic Federation of Enterprises

Start Year
End Year